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C-ville's Cider Drops - a surprisingly wonderful and happy treat for any Season!

C-ville's Cider Drops
Cider Drops were created as a unique new item for
Albemarle Ciderworks.
They have been pairing some of my barks and other candies with the cider in their tasting room, and made them available to their many visitors and picnickers.
But, I still wanted to make something that would be directly connected to their specialty: Cider.
A little day dreaming, and some tasty experimenting...... and now
- Cider Drops are here with all the other favorites from C-ville Candy!

Cider Drops are a surprising flavor, familiar but unexpected all at the same time. They have created many smiles last fall at the Holiday Market.
They are available at Albemarle Ciderworks, and at Greenwood Gourmet.
Also, they are available directly from me by shipping or delivery.

A Day at the Market 

~ All the old favorites and many new ones ~

Here's a picture of some of the old favorites. Many new ones have been added lately. Among them, Dark Sweet Orange and Salted Almond Bark are fast becoming top favorites!
All the new flavors are now listed here.

It's been fun, with everyone loving the many choices. The only problem might be picking the one. But that often becomes two or three, so no one's complaining!


......and now a bit about C-ville Candy Company.

Candy making has long been a hobby of mine. There is a real magic to it!

I had been making candy as gifts for friends, and just for the joy of people at work.
And then the classic beginning of a business, people started wanting to buy my candy - and the C-ville Candy Company was born!

Tops on the list of C-ville candies for many of my customers are the Honey Brittles. Using all natural ingredients, I hand-make my original recipes in small batches with special attention to quality. All are made with a large amount of honey for perfectly balanced and surprising flavor.

The Orange Cashew Honey Brittle is made with orange blossom honey. Clover honey is the right choice for the Extra Toasty Peanut. Both have been causing quite a "Buzz" at the Charlottesville City Market.

Over the past year I have added chocolates to my line, and they are gaining fast. I have developed my own signature blend of dark chocolate with a rich but friendly flavor. Even those who believe they don't like dark chocolate are quite taken by its creamy mellow finish..  I feature this blend in the Dark Chocolate Barks, and it is the secret of my "Incomparable Nonpareils"TM.

I strive to make all my candies elicit a "WOW!". Everybody has their own preferences and favorites but there's not an ordinary candy on the list.

I hope you will enjoy experiencing my creations as much as I enjoy making them.

All my best, David


  C-ville Candy CompanyTM   

2023 Product List



“Freddie’s Favorite!TM 2.5 ounces each  $7  

Your choice: original Milk ChocolateDark-Dark, Cider flavored Milk or Dark Sweet Orange.

Fresh Texas Pecans, our own Chewy Caramel (cooked with a little Sherry Wine),covered top and bottom with our own blends of  creamy chocolate. Original Milk and Dark are topped with fancy Sea Salt!

The newest version is now here! 

Pretzel Freddietm - no pecans, just pretzel pieces - but absolute perfection!

Honey Brittles

      Extra Toasty Peanut - with big, big peanut flavor!

      Orange Cashew - my signature brittle featuring the bright, sunny taste of orange

      Pumpkin Spice - In the fall or by special order. Savory sweet, tastes like - YUM!

         Bag, $10 (5.8 ounces)

            Gift Box (8.3 ounces) Call for pricing


Handmade Chocolate Barks

      Coconut Cashew Crunch -Orange Cashew Honey Brittle and coconut in dark chocolate

      Almond Toffee Crunch -Butter toffee with toasted almonds in dark chocolate

      Toffee for CoffeeTM  -Molasses toffee in milk chocolate, perfect with a cup of coffee

      Dark Chocolate Almond Bark -Freshly toasted almonds in smooth dark chocolate

      Salted Almond Bark -Almonds with a hint of honey and sea salt in creamy milk chocolate

      Bartender Bark tm - Salty, Sweet & Heat! White chocolate, pretzel & Fiery Thai Peanuts tm

      Beer Toffee - no other! - Dark Chocolate & Toffee made with aromatic hoppy VA Dark Beer

      C-ville Cherry Delight - Tart Michigan Cherries, Molasses Toffee & Dark Chocolate - 'nough said!?

       Coffee Crunch - Coffee infused toffee, special dark chocolate, topped with locally roasted coffee beams.

         Bag (4.2 ounces) $10

         Box (6 ounces) Call for pricing


Handcrafted Nonpareils and Chocolate Drops

      Incomparable Nonpareils TM: - featuring my custom blend of creamy dark chocolate

      Confetti Nonpareils TM  -  made with extra flavorful milk chocolate and colorful sprinkles

      Dark Chocolate Drops - nothing but my special dark chocolate in a handmade drop

      Milk Chocolate Drops - rich and satisfying, an exceptional milk chocolate! 

         3 ounce bag $7

         8 ounce bag, $14

 Naturally flavored chocolates - unique and delicious:

     Dark Sweet Orange - specially crafted sweet dark chocolate paired with a burst of orange flavor!

     Cider Drops - a surprising flavor, familiar and unexpected, all at the same time! (milk chocolate)

     Blackberry Drops - semi-sweet blackberry flavored drops of delight.

         Bag, $10    (5.8 ounce)

Fiery Thai Peanuts TM

      Lightly honey glazed peanuts with coconut, vanilla and Thai chili pepper - Amazing! & Spicy!

         Bag, $10   (4.2oz)


All candy is locally Handmade Fresh!  

Coming in 2024

(not working yet)

Soon you will be able to click the "Shop Now" button, to visit us at our new store and purchase products online.

How and Where to Get C-ville Candy

  October through May I offer shipping via USPS Priority Mail, for just $15 per address in the US, any order size.
  During hot weather shipping might be possible, but the details have to be worked out - give me a call! 

 At Blue Ridge Country Store on the Downtown Mall, carry a nice selection!

In Louisa and Mineral, our goodies can be found at The Corner Market and Mineral Merchantile.

At The Farmstand in Bumpass you will find a great selection of our candy, along with many other goodies.

In Fluvanna near the Lake, Sweet Art Gallery is the place to go for C-ville Candy. Erica will be glad to help you out.

The wonderful gourmet shop Feast! at 416 West Main Street now carries a large variety of my items.
  West of town look for us at Greenwood Gourmet Grocery on 250 (just west of the Crozet I64 exit).

  Try my Dark Chocolate Drops with some wonderful wine at Ducard Vineyards in Madison!

  If you are just west of town, look for us now at Foods of All Nations and at Bellair Market.

  C-ville Candy is happy to be in The Virginia Shop at Barracks Road Shopping Center and Downtown.
  On 29 North great libations and our great chocolate can be found at Rio Hill Wine and Beer.
  The Monticello Gift Shop carries a great selection of C-ville Candy at their beautiful location.

Michie Tavern Gift Shop has our Freddiestm  just flying off the shelf!

  Cunningham Creek Winery is the place to go near Lake Monticello.

Near Afton Mountain, find us at Rockfish Gap Country Store.

Scottsville Supply and Hardware Hills Vineyard are the places to go when you aredown south by the James River.

Also: if you are located Zion Crossroads east to the Richmond ares, look for us on the Fall Line Farms & Local Roots virtual Farmer's Market site (search FLFLR or Fall Line Farms). It is a great market, that many great products - including ours! Pick-up sites are wide spread, there's probably one near you.

In Richmond find us at Libbie MarketYellow Umbrella Provisions, Zazoli Sweets, Little House Green Grocers and Stells's Grocery (downtown).

I am be looking forward to seeing all of you at the C-ville City Market on Saturdays in April, and then again from October through christmas.
 Also, you are welcome to call or email me anytime, to arrange in-town delivery or pick-up.

Locally made fresh!  Want more info?

Call David Shalloway at (434) 962-4284 or
send an email to

C-ville Candy Company, LLC
497 Mallory Rd, Kents Store, VA 23084

"It's not just candy; it's an experience!"

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All Rights Reserved.

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